Learn and Grow in a Fun Environment

Eaton House provides day programs for children and adults with a disability. Facilitated by our qualified and friendly staff, the day programs promote learning, development and social interaction in a relaxed and engaging environment.

Our day programs are flexible and can be structured to meet your needs. We work collaboratively with participants to develop specialised support plans, which include goal setting, assessing current life skills and identifying individual strengths, abilities and hobbies. Our day programs are available at our Palmerston (ACT) and Mittagong (NSW) Centres.


Some of the activities we currently offer include:

  • Building and maintaining a sustainable vegetable garden and chicken coop

  • Basic cooking skills and meal preparation

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Movement and fitness activities such as  ball games

  • Dance

  • Life skill development such as making a cup of tea or personal hygiene

  • Urban Adventures/Day trips

  • Ladies Days

  • Mens Days

A comprehensive information booklet on the Independent Living Skills program can be downloaded here.